How Manchester City should line up next season

For Man City the attack didn’t need any improvement – the defence is what needs to be improved. 3/4 of these changes are to the defence starting with:

Fabinho: Linked last season to Manchester United but here moving to the other side of Manchester. Here mainly because of additional defensive solidity but also because of one other trait – his ability to play in holding midfield. Obviously this is useful for versatility but that’s not I valued it here; the more attacking player I added in the pivot (spoilers: It’s Gundogan) would leave space to be exploited; with Fabinho’s ability to protect to back 4 (or 3, I guess) centrally would help cover for this. Pep actually does something similar at Bayern – Lahm comes inside sometimes to cover for Vidal.

Kalidou Koulibaly: He has come off a great season with Napoli (like the rest of the team actually) and is now being extensively linked to various clubs (most often Arsenal – obviously). His passing is also excellent – Something Pep is known for liking – or more accurately requiring. He also has a strong physical presence – alongside Otamendi (or Kompany in the unlikely event he is fit) could be a powerful pairing at CB.

Juan Bernat: Unlikely to play that much of a role at Bayern with Alaba likely returning to LB under Ancelotti and with Badstuber and Rafinha able to play LB he is unlikely to be missed that much. For City however he would provide a powerful attacking presence on the left that could hopefully form a similar kind of chemistry that Sterling and Kolarov enjoyed at the beginning of the season.

Ilkay Gundogan: Gundogan has often been linked to city over the last year or so – but unlike most transfer rumours (like the time the Mirror linked Blackburn’s Junior Hoilett to Bayern) – this one actually makes sense. Here in a very similar role to that which he currently enjoys for Dortmund or running from deep to play in the spaces the more advanced playmaker (here Kevin De Bruyne) leaves behind (for an EPL focussed example watch Cazorla play for Arsenal – similar concept). Gundogan has shown this season why he had been linked to places like Barca in the past – one to watch in Euro 2016.

After all those changes the result is this:


Screenshot from 2016-05-23 17-30-07


Tom Fedrick.


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