How Arsenal should line up next season

Virgil Van Dijk: He was linked extensively to arsenal over the course of last year – this was met with middling reception due to him playing in the SPL – a significant quality drop from the EPL. He then moved to Southampton and emphatically proved the doubters wrong having a phenomenal season replacing Toby Alderwiereld. In this Arsenal side he would be asked to play sweeper behind Koscielny’s aggressor – something he is more than capable of. His aerial ability would help in replacing Mertesacker as well.

Lassana Diara: I know what your thinking: Chelsea. Well so what? He’s a serial winner having the won the EPL, FA cup (twice), league cup, La Liga, the Copa del rey and finished runners up in the Coupe de France (which as PSG are streets ahead of everyone else is functionally equivalent to winning). Also he fits well – excellent passer and tackler plus can dribble as well (making him more than capable as a number 8). And no complaining he isn’t good enough – most Arsenal fans have been complaining they didn’t get Morgan Schneiderlin, well guess which one is in the Euro 2016 squad (hint: its not Schneiderlin).

Iker Muniain, I have to say I have been disappointed at his progression – 3 years ago when he was 19 or 20 he was brilliant and last season he had regressed. This season however (though injury hit) he has been back to his best – Dribbling and attracting defenders (leading to him earning lots of free kicks in areas Cazorla will relish), releasing the ball at excellent times (good passer as well) before darting back into space. His love of layoffs will also be loved by a lot of Arsenal’s players – especially who I’m suggesting should play up front…

Kevin Gameiro – loves short passes, running the channels, is lightning quick, brilliant at latching onto through balls and a wonderful finisher – not only do these characteristics suit arsenal very well, but can you imagine a player Ozil would enjoy playing with more? It would suit him perfectly. Honestly I’m surprised Gameiro hasn’t been linked to Arsenal – but he absolutely should.

With these four changes Arsenal end up lining up like this:

Screenshot from 2016-05-23 11-42-12


Tom Fedrick


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